Schwab Trading  is the  sales office  of Promiel SRL  worldwide.   

Promiel SRL was founded at the end of the year 2002 in Romang (Santa Fe Province, Argentina) with the purpose of gathering natural honey for international market demand.

We offer a whole range of colors in polifloras and also some specialities in monofloral honeys such as eucaliptus, citrus and caatay ones. All our honeys are homogenized.

Storing is carried out obtaining honey from the best beekeepers in different areas of the country (Argentina) who are evaluated regularly to maintain the characteristics of the product.

Honey in bulk is shipped in new drums of approximately 300 kg, all approved by SENASA, the Argentine sanitary official authority.

The Laboratory is managed by specialists in the area as they receive the honey from the beekeepers to carry out the basic quality control analyses like Color, Humidity, HMF and Diastase. To examine the absence of antibiotics, Promiel regulary sends samples to the main International  Laboratories with official certifications.

Our main markets are: Europe, North America and Japan.

For any inquiries, you can reach us at:

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